5 Best Pakistani Schools in Dubai – A Perfect Guide

Top Pakistani Schools in Dubai! With over 1.2 million Pakistanis residing in the UAE, and 400,000 in Dubai alone, they comprise 13% of the city’s population. Despite their significant presence, only a handful of Dubai schools follow a Pakistani curriculum.

Best Pakistan Schools in Dubai

In this article, we’ve curated the top 3 Pakistani schools in Dubai. Our updated list highlights these reputable institutions that blend Pakistani culture with academic excellence, providing students with a distinctive educational journey for a brighter future in the UAE.

What is Vision of Pakistani Schools in Dubai?

Pakistani schools in Dubai have a clear vision: they want to offer top-notch education while keeping the Pakistani culture and values alive and thriving. These schools work hard to create a supportive environment where students not only do well academically but also grow as individuals with strong character.

They’re all about innovation and inclusivity, aiming to empower their students to be global citizens who proudly carry their Pakistani heritage with them. This vision is incredibly important for the Pakistani community in Dubai, ensuring a promising future for their kids.

List of 5 Best Pakistani Schools in Dubai

Here are top 5 Pakistani Schools in Dubai. It’s up to you to decide which one is best for your child.

  • Highness Shaikh Rashid Al Maktoum Pakistan School Dubai
  • Pakistan Education Academy
  • Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Arab Pakistani School
  • Al Ain, Al Ittihad Private School:
  • Al Sadiq Islamic English School

#1: Highness Shaikh Rashid Al Maktoum Pakistan School

His Highness Shaikh Rashid Al Maktoum Pakistan School

Established in 1995, His Highness Shaikh Rashid Al Maktoum Pakistan School (H.H.SRAMPS) in Al Qusais provides a nurturing learning environment. Our educational philosophy revolves around academic excellence.

We follow a rigorous curriculum that harmonizes global best practices with Pakistan’s educational standards, divided into four sections: early years, primary education, middle phase, and high school.

We emphasize holistic development, nurturing children’s personal, social, emotional, and cognitive growth. Co-curricular courses in art and physical education enrich our broad and balanced curriculum.

In the Middle Phase, critical thinking is fostered with the aid of technology, while the High Phase equips students for a smooth transition from the Cambridge curriculum to the national one.

Grades 9–12 follow the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Pakistan curriculum, meeting all national curriculum requirements. Tuition fees vary by grade level and program. At H.H.SRAMPS, we prepare students to become responsible, reflective, and respectful citizens.

LKG to Grade 5AED 408.70 per month
Grades 6 to 10AED 471.50 per month
Grades 11 and 12AED 781.50 per month

How to reach them:

Phone: +971 4 298 8303

Address: United Arab Emirates – Al Qusais – Al Qusais 1 – Dubai

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#2: Pakistan Education Academy

Pakistani Schools in Dubai

At Pakistan Education Academy (PEA), we foster an educational environment that cultivates inquisitive, forward-thinking young adults who actively engage with UAE society and global cultures.

Our foundation is rooted in Islamic values, and we pursue academic excellence, aligning with UAE National Agenda Targets, FBISE, and Cambridge International Examinations.

Identity is a crucial aspect of our focus, instilling the importance of good character, morality, and cultural diversity in students, both nationally and internationally. Inclusion is a top priority, empowering students to recognize and develop their potential.

Our overarching goal is to shape intellectually astute, morally conscious citizens ready for the technological era, as they are the future.

As one of Dubai’s oldest schools, PEA continues to cater to religious, educational, and cultural needs, striving to be one of the city’s best schools.

Our recent achievements, including obtaining Cambridge international status and outstanding TIMMS results, reflect our dedication to these principles.

Our faith, combined with an unwavering commitment to academic excellence, drives us to prepare students as ambassadors for the future. Our mission is to nurture creative, motivated achievers who embody Islamic values, illuminating the future of mankind.

We provide an exemplary educational environment where young minds are enlightened to serve society in harmony with Islamic values, UAE culture, and global standards. Inclusion is highly valued, offering students opportunities to actively contribute to the nation and humanity.

Our vision:

  • Our aim is to establish a robust alumni program that fosters a strong connection between former students and PEA. We want our alumni to take pride in their association with the school and stay engaged in its progress.

  • By doing so, we hope to inspire other alumni to contribute to the institution’s growth and promote its positive image in society.

  • We also aim to create opportunities for our alumni to participate in cultural and social events organized by PEA. These events will not only strengthen ties between the school and the expatriate community but also reconnect our alumni with their home country.

  • Furthermore, our alumni will serve as valuable resources for current PEA students. They can provide information, exchange ideas, and offer guidance in various fields of study and interests, drawing from their own successful professional experiences.

  • Lastly, we encourage our alumni to be active contributors, sharing their insights and suggestions to continually enhance the quality of education at PEA.

While we thrive in a cosmopolitan environment, our commitment to Islamic values, aligned with our vision and mission, remains unwavering.

We provide an exemplary educational environment that instills values of service, character, morality, and cultural diversity, both locally and globally, in our students, ensuring they meet UAE National Agenda Targets while pursuing academic excellence.

Things that need for Admission:

  • Passport copy
  • Birth Certificate
  • Photographs
  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Original Emirates ID of student and parents

What is Fee structure?

KG1 & KG26344 AED
Grade 1 to 56208
Grades 1 to 56479
Grades 9 to 107226
Grades 1 to 58702

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How to reach them:

Phone: +97143370126

Address: United Arab Emirates – Oud Metha Road, Oud Metha – Dubai

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#3: Al Ain, Al Ittihad Private School

Best pakistani schools in dubai

In Al Ain, Al Ittihad Private School stands as a premier choice for Pakistani education. Established in 1995, it follows the Pakistani Federal system and offers an up-to-date curriculum.

Renowned for its excellence, the school provides a conducive learning environment and is highly rated by the community for its exceptional courses, knowledgeable faculty, and supportive atmosphere.

The curriculum ensures a comprehensive education, fostering student readiness for future achievements. Committed teachers nurture student success, while actively involved parents play a pivotal role in their children’s development.

This institution warmly welcomes students, both local and international, irrespective of gender.

Fee Average: 2,100 to 3,000 AED

Phone: +971 4 296 6314

Address: Cairo St – Al Mamzar – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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#4: Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Arab Pakistani School

Best pakistani schools in dubai

SKBZAPS, a symbol of educational excellence, traces its origins back to 1975 when His Excellency Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan laid its foundation stone.

This momentous occasion was fueled by the vision of His Excellency Jamil-ud-Din Hassan and Mr. Izhar Haider, pioneers in bridging cultural ties.

Throughout its journey, SKBZAPS evolved into a cornerstone of education, nurturing the minds of both Pakistani and diverse communities in the UAE. Today, the school stands as a testament to cultural unity and progress.

Our mission is clear:

To educate, inspire a love for learning, cultivate critical thinking, and mold responsible citizens for the 21st century. We instill moral values, character, and competence in our students, fostering a supportive environment that empowers them to excel.

Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Arab Pakistan Private School is dedicated to providing quality, affordable education, producing morally upright, disciplined, and patriotic citizens ready to tackle the challenges of the modern world.

Our mission echoes in every classroom, nurturing young minds to thrive not only in the UAE but on the global stage.

Our Aims:

  • Primary Aim: Prepare responsible citizens who honor their national identity, seek personal growth, and excel academically within ADEK’s Framework.
  • Islamic Environment: Foster an Islamic environment promoting respect, brotherhood, sisterhood, diversity celebration, and equal opportunities.
  • Holistic Development: Ensure spiritual, moral, social, and physical development following Islamic principles, with a focus on academic excellence.
  • Modern Curriculum: Offer a balanced curriculum integrating quality teaching, modern technologies, and diverse learning strategies.
  • Independent Learners: Encourage students to become independent learners, fostering cooperation, responsibility, and creativity.
  • Values and Attitudes: Emphasize values and attitudes as integral parts of the curriculum, preparing students for productive lives.
  • Parental Involvement: Value parental interest, cooperation, and support, aiming to build strong links between home and school.
  • Community Spirit: Cultivate a supportive, caring, and friendly community that promotes self-discipline, reflection, social responsibility, and integrity in all aspects of education.

Annual Fees: KG1/FS2 to G12/Y13, 3680 AED to 6240 AED

Phone: +971 2 448 7158

Address: Sultan Bin Zayed The First St – Hadbat Al Za’faranah – Zone 1 – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

Mixed (Co-education)

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#5: Al Sadiq Islamic English School

Pakistani school in Sharjah

Located in Al Qusais, Dubai, Al Sadiq Islamic English School combines the National Curriculum for England with Islamic values. Our curriculum includes the Cambridge International IGCSE Programme in Years 10 and 11.

We prioritize a safe, supportive learning environment that fosters excellence and well-being within our community. Our mission is to offer accredited, high-quality education that embraces culture and tradition while nurturing holistic growth mindsets.

Our Vision and Mission

We aim for academic excellence rooted in Islamic values. Our commitment is to provide inclusive education within a safe, stimulating environment where students thrive, reach their potential, and embrace lifelong learning.

Islamic values drive our approach, integrating tradition, culture, and social values. Al Sadiq prepares students to excel in the world of work and become responsible global citizens.

Admissions Process:

Admissions at any time of the school year are possible, depending on availability per year group and our admissions policy.

  • Fill out the student inquiry form online or during a school visit.
  • Schedule a school tour to explore our campus and facilities.
  • If a vacancy exists, we’ll contact you and proceed.
  • Priority goes to siblings at the school.
  • If no immediate vacancy, we have a waiting system and will notify you when a spot opens up.

Annual Fees: KG1/FS2 to Year11 4463 AED to 9046 AED

Phone: +971 56 402 1773

Address: Behind Al Tawar Center – 5th St – Al Qusais – Al Qusais 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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An Advice:

When picking a Pakistani school in Dubai, think about what’s best for your child. Consider academics, cultural fit, extracurriculars, teacher expertise, and parent involvement for a holistic education.

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