12 Best Montessori Schools in Lahore: It About Your Child,s Future

Discovering the finest Montessori education for your child in Lahore can be a quest of paramount importance. Delving into a realm of educational excellence, this search navigates through the 12 best Montessori schools in Lahore. From nurturing environments to tailored learning experiences, these institutions epitomize the essence of Montessori education.

Best Montessori Schools in Lahore

In this exploration, witness a blend of innovative teaching methodologies, holistic development approaches, and conducive atmospheres for your child’s formative years. Join us in unraveling the educational treasures that Lahore has to offer for your little one’s growth and learning journey.

List of Top 12 Best Montessori Schools in Lahore

Unveil the coveted selection of Lahore’s premier Montessori schools, presenting a meticulously curated roster of the city’s top 12 educational sanctuaries for early childhood development.

  • National Grammar School
  • Kinder Campus Montessori
  • Les Anges Montessori Academy
  • Lahore Grammar School (LGS) Junior
  • Beaconhouse Junior
  • Olive Tree Montessori & Pre-School
  • Future World Schools
  • The Crescent School
  • Bloomfield Hall
  • Lahore Literati Montessori & High School
  • PAF Montessori School
  • LGS Johar Town Junior School

#1: National Grammar School

National Grammar School

Since its establishment in 1988, National Grammar Schools has been dedicated to delivering exceptional education from early years to matriculation. Renowned for its comprehensive curriculum, NGS uniquely shapes children’s characters, earning its rank among Pakistan’s top educational institutions.

With campuses in prime Lahore locations—Upper Mall, Valencia Town, Aziz Avenue, Gulberg 5, and Johar Town—NGS boasts state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring a secure environment that meets global educational benchmarks.

The school’s holistic approach not only educates but also molds personalities, distinguishing it as a beacon of quality education in the country.

Address: 22، D-1 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab

Phone: 0300 8471021

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#2: Kinder Campus Montessori (Top Montessori Schools in Lahore)

Kinder Campus Montessori stands out among Lahore’s premier Montessori schools. Its adorned classrooms, vibrant activity spaces, toy provisions, and advanced multimedia labs set it apart.

Beyond these, the institution offers engaging amenities like Baby Chef sessions, a resourceful library, an art studio, and a music room, enhancing educators’ abilities to spark children’s interests.

Embracing innovative teaching methods, the school ensures a dynamic learning environment, preventing monotony and unnecessary mental strain. Here, children thrive, learning effortlessly while staying enthusiastic and engaged in their educational journey.

Address: 5، 79 New, Usman Block Garden Town, Lahore

Phone: (042) 35865541

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#3: Les Anges Montessori Academy

Les Anges Montessori Academy

Les Anges Montessori Academy excels in nurturing young minds, aiming to cultivate confidence and cater to children’s educational requirements. Their primary focus lies in awakening latent potential while fostering a safe and intellectually stimulating environment.

The academy prioritizes the integration of cutting-edge technology, ensuring children familiarize themselves with computers and laptops from an early age. It stands as the optimal choice for parents seeking a secure and intellectually enriching space for their children, emphasizing both educational needs and the development of confidence in toddlers.

Address: Zahoor Elahi Road, 51-FCC, Gulberg IV, Lahore, Punjab

Phone: 042 3577 7884

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#4: Lahore Grammar School (LGS) Junior

 Lahore Grammar School (LGS) Junior

Lahore Grammar School continues to uphold a legacy that surpasses many institutions, maintaining unparalleled standards. LGS Junior stands committed to nurturing your child intellectually and morally.

Renowned for fostering creative thinking and analytical reasoning, it’s a pinnacle of educational institutions. Here, children are introduced to expansive horizons, encouraging them to explore and excel in their cognitive abilities.

Undoubtedly, LGS Junior remains the epitome of excellence in town, setting the bar high for intellectual and moral development in young learners.

Address: Main Gulberg, 55 Main Boulevard Gulberg, Lahore

Phone: (042) 35712566

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#5: Beaconhouse Junior

Beaconhouse Group boasts a vast network, catering to over 315,000 full-time students across eight countries, making it one of the world’s largest school networks.

Originating as Les Anges Montessori Academy in 1975 with 19 toddlers, it has evolved into an international chain offering comprehensive education from infancy through post-graduation.

Collaborations like Gymboree Play & Music in Pakistan and partnerships with Concordia Colleges and Beaconhouse National University underscore its commitment to holistic learning.

Embracing change and innovation, Beaconhouse prepares students for a competitive world by instilling essential principles, concepts, and moral values. By nurturing mature judgment and skillsets, it strives to shape individuals who positively impact society and the world.

Address: Johar Town, Block F Phase 1, Lahore, Punjab

Phone: (042) 35171261

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#6: Olive Tree Montessori & Pre-School

Olive Tree Montessori & Pre-School

Situated in Johar Town Lahore, Olive Tree Montessori & Pre-School embodies a British education system, the EYFS curriculum, nurturing a strong foundation for children. Focused on fostering interpersonal, communication, and linguistic skills, it integrates play, arts, physical activities, and math into learning.

The school offers diverse facilities such as language programs, music sessions, a Play Area, Yoga classes, a Cafeteria, and a Zoo Module. Beginning their day with Islamic values, the school provides stationery, uniforms, and accessories within an affordable fee structure.

It’s a holistic educational journey where children thrive in a supportive environment that emphasizes both academic and moral growth.

Address: Near choueifat school, 513, G1-Block, Johar Town

Phone: 0302 8815435

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#7: Future World Schools (Roots Millennium Schools)

At the Montessori of Future World Schools, early education revolves around nurturing children’s learning abilities while fostering a strong sense of belonging. Their adept staff employs diverse teaching styles, offering personalized attention to each child, and ensuring equitable care and support for all.

The school is dedicated to shaping well-rounded personalities and honing skills crucial for individual growth. Employing a gradual approach, they transform energetic and inquisitive learners into proactive students, refining diverse abilities across four levels: Pre-play group, Playgroup, Montessori, and Advanced Montessori.

Their curriculum spans sensorial exercises, mathematics, language development, geography, science, and creative arts. Each facet aims to enrich senses, foster self-expression, and cultivate a holistic skill set, preparing children to thrive in a dynamic world through a comprehensive educational journey.

Address: Phase 6 DHA, 310/1, Sector F, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Phone: (042) 37338380

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#8: The Crescent School

The Crescent School

Established in 1968 near Qaddafi Stadium in Lahore with just 35 students, The Crescent School has evolved into a highly acclaimed educational institution. In 2015, it expanded its legacy by launching The Crescent Montessori School, fostering a high-learning environment.

For parents seeking skilled care and a professional environment for their children, The Crescent Montessori School stands out. Offering diverse activities like arts, and crafts, language development, drawing, painting, and coloring, it ensures a well-rounded developmental journey for young learners within a nurturing educational setting.

Address: Lahore, 352 – Shadman Colony

Phone: 042 3742 1374

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#9: Bloomfield Hall

Top Montessori Schools in Lahore

Founded in 1984 by Pakistani and UK educationalists, Bloomfield Hall aims to deliver British-style education. Through contemporary technology and methodologies, the school adopts a liberal and progressive approach, encouraging students to explore curiosities and learn from hands-on experiences guided by professionals.

Its curriculum spans language acquisition in English and Urdu, numerical concepts, sensorial activities, and diverse creative pursuits like art, craft, and music. This educational paradigm nurtures holistic development, fostering an environment where students thrive by engaging in immersive learning experiences tailored to their individual growth and curiosity.

Address: Millat Colony, 114 Gulberg Rd, Lahore, Punjab

Phone: (042) 35764687

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#10: Lahore Literati Montessori & High School

For over two decades, Lahore Literati Montessori & High School has catered to high school students, fostering a dynamic learning environment. Their mission revolves around honing children’s skills and fostering confidence, independence, and success.

Every aspect, from furnishings to educational materials, aligns with international Montessori teaching standards, ensuring an optimal learning experience.

The institution prioritizes individual care, believing it’s pivotal for a child’s positive growth. Their facilities include a tailored curriculum, child-sized furniture, personalized attention, arts and crafts programs, dedicated Montessori Directresses overseeing progress, phonics-based teaching, music classes, and vibrant annual functions alongside sports days.

Lahore Literati strives to create a nurturing space where each child flourishes with personalized care and holistic educational practices.

Address: (Montessori Branch): 410-411 Shadman, Lahore

Phone: 042-37423118

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#11: PAF Montessori School (Best Montessori Schools in Lahore)

PAF Montessori School

Consider enrolling your children in a Montessori school established by the armed forces, setting a remarkable example of discipline, order, and confidence. PAF Montessori in Lahore not only instills these values but also inspires an interest in joining the Pakistan Air Force.

Employing innovative methodologies, PAF Montessori boosts children’s confidence and intellectual prowess. Beyond the curriculum, students actively engage in various activities nurturing their personalities from the start.

Their facilities boast well-equipped classrooms, a dedicated team of trained professionals, and opportunities for arts and crafts. It’s a place where children not only learn but also flourish under the guidance of a disciplined ethos, setting a strong foundation for their future growth.

Address: Near Fazaia College of Education for Women, Sarwar Road, Cantt, Lahore

Phone: 0301 5966451

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#12: LGS Johar Town Junior School

LGS Johar Town Junior School

LGS Preschool provides a nurturing environment where toddlers and junior students engage in healthy learning and playful activities. With a dedicated Montessori staff, the school ensures a stress-free atmosphere for children to achieve their learning milestones. Tailored specifically for toddlers, the curriculum fosters friendly learning environments.

For a top-notch Montessori education in Lahore, consider LGS Preschool to lay a strong foundation for your child’s early education. Admission inquiries for LGS Montessori can be directed to the school or their head office for details.

The fee structure for LGS Preschool ranges from 13,000 to 16,000 PKR, subject to administrative policies. Contact the school directly for the most current fee information. Best Montessori Schools in Lahore.

Address: 534 G1, Block G 1 Phase 1 Johar Town, Lahore

Phone: (042) 35290960

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