Top Korean Language Course Institutes in Gujranwala

Are you a student aspiring to work in South Korea and looking for the best Korean language course institutes in Gujranwala?

Korean Language Course Institutes in Gujranwala

Look no further! In this guide, we will explore the top institutes that offer comprehensive Korean language courses specifically tailored for students aiming to go to South Korea on an E9 visa after passing the KLT test.

Whether you’re a beginner or have some prior knowledge of the language, these institutes provide a conducive environment and expert instructors to help you achieve fluency in Korean.

Let’s dive in and discover the top Korean language course institutes in Gujranwal.

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Best Korean Language Course Institutes and Academies in Gujranwala

Lets explore!

#1: Eli Korean Language Institute

The Eli Korean Language Institute stands out as a highly sought-after language school in Gujranwala. Catering to all proficiency levels, they provide diverse courses.

Their competent instructors employ engaging teaching techniques to ensure enjoyable and efficient Korean language learning.

Address: 555J+23C, Old Town, Gujranwala

Contact: 92 324 8687605

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#2: Sakura Japanese Language School

At Sakura Japanese Language School, you’ll find exceptional Korean language courses too. Benefit from small class sizes for personalized attention.

Native Korean-speaking instructors employ various teaching methods, making Korean learning both captivating and interactive.

Address: Office# 155 /AFirst Floor, T Block, Trust Plaza, Gujranwala

Contact: 92 306 7523912

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#3: NihonGo Fureai School-By B&B Pakistan (Japanese Language Institute)

NihonGo Fureai School, operated by B&B Pakistan, is a reputable institute providing Korean language courses.

With a wide range of course options and experienced instructors, they also offer engaging extracurricular activities like cultural events and language exchanges.

Address: 3rd Floor, A Block, Al-Hamra Plaza, near Climax Town, Gujranwala

Contact: 92 303 5000067

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Why These Institutes are Considered to be the Best – Here are Some of the Reasons

  • Experienced and qualified native Korean-speaking teachers
  • Utilize diverse teaching methods for engaging and effective learning
  • Wide range of courses catering to all proficiency levels
  • Enjoy a reputable and respected standing in the community

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