Download School Based Assessment 2023 Grade 7 – Perfect Guide

Are you a Grade 7 student or a parent seeking to download the School-Based Assessment (SBA) for 2023? You’re in the right place!

School Based Assessment 2023 Grade 7 (PDF)

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of downloading the Grade 7 SBA for 2023, step by step. Whether you’re looking for information on subjects, assessment types, or grading criteria, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive right in.

Understanding School Based Assessment (SBA)

Before we jump into the download process, it’s essential to understand what School-Based-Assessment (SBA) is all about.

The SBA is an integral part of the education system that assesses a student’s performance throughout the academic year.

These assessments focus on various subjects and include a wide range of activities like projects, assignments, and presentations.

The Grade 7 SBA for 2023 covers several subjects, including Mathematics, English, Science, and more.

Grade 7th School Based Assessment Papers Ver 2

Get your hands on the 2023 Grade 7 SBA item bank, covering English, Mathematics, Science, Computer Science, Urdu, Islamiat, and Social Studies.

These comprehensive assessments are conducted by PEC for large-scale evaluation.

Mathematics A Version 2Subjective Version 2 PaperAnswer Keys
Urdu A Version 2Subjective PaperAnswer Keys
Social Studies A Version 2Subjective V2 PaperAnswer Keys
English Objective v2Subjective V2 PaperAnswer Keys
Computer A V2Subjective V2 PaperAnswer Keys
Science A V2Subjective V2 PaperAnswer Keys
Islamiat A Version 2Subjective PaperAnswer Keys

Class 7 Exam Keys Of SBA/2023 Large Scale Assessment 

The Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) has released Grade 7 School-Based-Assessment 2023 answer keys for subjects:

English, Urdu, Islamiyat, Computer, History/Geography, Math, and Science. Access all assessments in one convenient via the provided link.

SBA 2023 Computer Grade 7th: Download

Get your Grade 7 school-based assessment paper with answer keys in format. Download from the link below, available in both English and Urdu versions.

Find two paper formats: Paper A for objective questions and Paper B for subjective assessment.

Computer Grade 7 SBA PaperAnswer Keys Paper A
Computer Paper B SBA Answer keys Paper B

English Subject for Grade 7 SBA

Like with other subjects in the Grade 7 SBA 2023, the instructions remain consistent. Students are advised to carefully read each question before attempting it.

Below, you’ll find an illustrative example question to assist students in their preparation.

English Paper AEnglish Paper BKeys

School Based Assessment 2023 Grade 7

Here are examples of multiple-choice questions for Grade 7 School-Based Assessment 2023:

Which word completes the sentence? “I am….. My homework:”

  • Does
  • Do
  • Doing
  • Did

Choose the correct word for the sentence: “I….. Buy a new book tomorrow:”

  • Had
  • Is
  • Shall
  • Was

Determine the correct syllables for the word “Religion”:

  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four

“Where are the people….. Ordering for a meal?” Complete the sentence:

  • Who
  • When
  • That
  • Which

Pick the correctly spelled word:

  • Legitimat
  • Legitamate
  • Legitamit
  • Legitimate

These questions are part of the Grade 7 SBA, with papers generated from the item bank. Schools receive login credentials to access and print the papers for the 2023 assessment. There are answer keys provided for each subject.

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Class 7 S Based Assessment 2023 Social Study Paper With Keys:

Access the 2021 Social Studies School-Based Assessment final exam answer keys and download the Class 7 final exam papers here.

KeysSST Paper A SBA 2023Paper B SST
SST Paper A KeysSST Paper A SBA 2023
Keys SST Paper BPaper B SST

English Grade 7 2023 Paper With Keys:

Obtain the Grade 7 2023 English paper (answer) keys. Access these keys via the Punjab Examination Commission’s (PEC) website. Download all paper versions’ keys from the provided button below.

Keys paper AEnglish Paper A
Keys Paper BEnglish Paper B
SBA 2023 Grade 7

2023 Urdu SBA Paper & Keys:

Access Grade 7 SBA 2023 papers sourced from the PEC item bank. Specifically, find Urdu subject papers for the 2023 session, complete with answer keys.

Easily download these resources from the Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) website. Grab all paper versions along with their corresponding answer keys using the download button below.

AnswersUrdu SBA Paper ObjectiveSubjective Urdu SBA 2023
Urdu SBA Paper ObjectiveKeys Urdu Objective
Subjective Urdu SBA 2023Keys Urdu Subjective

2023 Islamiat School Base Assessment Paper With Answer Keys:

Access the 7th-grade Islamiat SBA paper along with its answer keys. Easily download these paper keys directly from the Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) website.

Get all versions of the paper keys by clicking the download button below.

KeysIslamiat ObjectiveSBA 2023 Islamiat Subjective
Islamiat objective KeysIslamiat SBA Objective
Keys Islamiat SubjectiveSBA 2023 Islamiat Subjective

Class 7th Mathematics SBA Paper With Keys:

Secure your Grade 7 SBA paper for 2023 in format, complete with answer keys for the 7th-grade Mathematics paper.

Conveniently download these keys directly from the Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) website. Access all versions of the paper keys via the provided download button.

These papers are sourced from the PEC item bank for the 2023 session.

Answer KeysDownload
Paper ADownload
Paper BDownload
Math paper AA keys
Math paper BB Keys Math

2023 Science Class 7 SBA Paper With Keys:

Get your Grade 7 Science School-Based-Assessment paper now. Find answer keys for the 7th-grade Science paper for download on the Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) website.

Access all versions of paper keys through the provided download button. The SBA 2023 Science paper is available in both Urdu and English versions, each accompanied by its respective answer keys in format.

Ans KeysScience SBA 2023 ObjectiveSubjective Paper Science
Keys Science ObjectiveScience SBA 2023 Objective
Keys Science SubjectiveSubjective Paper Science

Holy Quran SBA Paper 2023 With Keys:

Quran Objective KeysQuran Objective Paper
Keys SubjectiveSubjective Quran Paper
KeysQuran Objective PaperSubjective Quran Paper

Grade 7 IEthics

Exclusive to non-Muslim candidates, the 7th Class school-based assessment Papers for 2023 include an Ethics paper.

The Punjab Examination Commission offers a single version of this paper for 7th-grade candidates.

The Ethics paper carries a total of 100 marks, contributing to the students’ overall report card.

Paper A DownloadPaper B DownloadA Keys DownloadDownload B Rubrics

What is the Criteria of Based Assessment 2023 Grade 7)

  • Comprehensive syllabus covering grades 1 to 8 for school-based assessment in 2023.
  • SBA 2023 exams for primary schools (grades 1–5) align with the SNC syllabus.
  • Elementary schools (grades 6–8) will base SBA on the 2006 textbook curriculum.
  • Grades 1 & 2 assessments may include oral components and objective questions (MCQs, fill-in-the-blanks, true/false, short questions, and CRQs).
  • Assessments for Grades 3–8 will be in written format, featuring MCQs, short questions, and CRCs.
  • Content weightage for grades 3-8 is equally distributed between MCQs and CRCs.
  • Nazra Quran assessment contributes 50 marks, with total Islamiat marks for Muslims being 100.
  • Ethics/religious education holds 100 points for non-Muslims.
  • PEC (Punjab Examination Commission) provides item banks for core subjects in grades 1–8.
  • Item banks encompass Urdu, English, Computer Science, Mathematics, GK, Science, Islamiat/Ethics, Social Studies/Geography, and Computer Education.
  • School teachers should adhere to the provided pattern for elective subject preparation.

Grading Criteria for Grade 7 SBA

Understanding how the Grade 7 SBA is graded is crucial for both students and parents. Grading criteria typically consider the following factors:

  1. Content: The accuracy and completeness of the work submitted.
  2. Organization: How well the content is structured and presented.
  3. Creativity: Innovative and unique approaches to assignments and projects.
  4. Communication: Clarity and effectiveness in conveying ideas.
  5. Research: The depth and quality of research conducted.
  6. Timeliness: Meeting deadlines and submission dates.

Types of Assessments in Grade 7 SBA

The Grade 7 SBA includes various types of assessments to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of students’ abilities. These assessment types may include:

  1. Written Assignments: Tasks that require students to submit written work, essays, or reports.
  2. Oral Presentations: Assessing students’ ability to communicate ideas verbally and persuasively.
  3. Practical Experiments: Evaluating hands-on skills and scientific knowledge through experiments.
  4. Projects: Long-term assignments that test research and project management skills.

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