14 Best Private Schools in Manama Bahrain: Your Childs Future

Are you searching for a top-notch education for your child in Manama, Bahrain? Finding the schools in this bustling city may seem overwhelming due, to the numerous options available. However, don’t worry! With thought and thorough research navigating through the landscape becomes much easier.

Best Schools in Manama

Manama offers a range of schools that cater to different educational philosophies and personal preferences offering renowned international curricula, outstanding facilities, and a variety of extracurricular activities. Come with us on a journey to explore some of the institutions located in the heart of Bahrain’s capital city.

List of 14 Best Schools in Manama, Bahrain: Choose Top Rating School for Your Child

  • The British School of Bahrain
  • The One Multinational School Bahrain
  • Modern Knowledge Schools
  • New Generation Private School
  • Creativity Private School – Manama
  • Beacon Private School
  • French International School of Bahrain
  • Al Raja School
  • New Horizon School
  • The Eastern School (AlSharqiya School)
  • Talent International School (Manama Branch)
  • Al Fateh English Preschool
  • New Millennium School
  • Al Majd Private School

#1: The British School of Bahrain

The British School of Bahrain (BSB) in Hamala stands as a premier international institution in Bahrain, shaping young minds for over 26 years with remarkable success. Recognized as ‘Outstanding’ by the British Qualifications Authority (BQA) and accredited by the British Schools Organisation (BSO), our school provides exceptional British education on a welcoming purpose-built campus.

Catering to students aged 3 to 18, our diverse community comprises over 90 nationalities, fostering a truly global atmosphere. Divided into Infant, Junior, and Senior sections, each overseen by dedicated leaders, BSB prioritizes character development alongside academic, sporting, and artistic excellence.

As part of the Inspired Group network, we continue to uphold our reputation as Bahrain’s leading educational institution, committed to instilling enduring values and a student-centric approach.

PHONE: 1761 0920

ADDRESS: Building 1080 Block 1014, Road 1425، Hamala


#2: The One Multinational School Bahrain

Multinational School Bahrain is located in Adliya, Manama. It is a private institution that welcomes students, from Nursery to Year 13. Our campus has a history as it was formerly the U.S. Embassy and New York Institute of Technology before becoming an educational hub in 2013.

At our school, we have a Learning Enrichment Department that provides support to students, with educational needs. Our main goal is to create a respectful environment where students can thrive as learners achieve academic excellence and develop independence and responsibility. We invite you to join us on our journey of providing quality education on a global level.

PHONE: 1771 1444

ADDRESS: Road 3828 Adliya, Rd No 3831, Building 850, Manama


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#3: Modern Knowledge Schools

Modern Knowledge Schools (MKS) aim to cultivate respectful, responsible, and globally aware individuals, fostering lifelong learners dedicated to global peace. At MKS, every student’s potential is recognized and valued, ensuring a safe and conducive learning environment.

Embracing local culture and heritage enriches our educational experience, supported by strong family and community involvement. Learning is an exciting journey here, where students are challenged to explore, develop, and apply their skills in a dynamic global society.

Our integrated program nurtures critical thinking and creativity, empowering students to positively influence an ever-evolving international landscape. Join us in shaping future leaders!

PHONE: Building 515, Block 342, Road 4209, Manama

ADDRESS: 1772 7838


#4: New Generation Private School

At NGPS, we prioritize a robust and practical education, focusing on literacy, numeracy, and essential life skills for every child. Our approach is tailored to each individual’s abilities, ensuring a wide array of educational opportunities remains open as they progress to middle school.

We nurture every child’s unique strengths, fostering both independent and collaborative skills essential for societal contribution. Our belief in every child’s potential drives us to create a learning environment where academic and social growth flourish.

NGPS is committed to instilling a genuine passion for learning, and fostering a safe, supportive, and enriching atmosphere that facilitates lasting academic advancement in key areas like literacy, numeracy, and life skills.

PHONE: 1723 5000

ADDRESS: Manama, Kingdom Of Bahrain.


#5: Creativity Private School – Manama

Creativity Private School, part of the Capital Governorate, has nurtured students aged 4-18 since its establishment in 2007. With campuses in Manama and Al-Janabia, serving different age groups, our institution has grown alongside its first batch of Grade 10 graduates seven years ago.

Drawing mainly from educated, middle-class families in Muharraq, our school boasts a team of 65 teachers and 19 administrators under the leadership of CEO Ms. Mona Salim Mustafa Azreen.

Our curriculum, aligned with Common Core Standards and Ministry of Education requirements, emphasizes inquiry-based learning and research, integrating technology seamlessly. Join us in fostering your child’s potential!

PHONE: 214 Rd No 907, Manama 309

ADDRESS: 1771 0720


#6: Beacon Private School

At our school, we instill a deep passion for knowledge through inquiry-based learning, empowering students to think critically and engage actively with their surroundings. Our innovative teaching methods emphasize problem-solving skills, allowing students to explore their interests fully.

Beyond academics, character development is paramount. We nurture well-rounded individuals, fostering integrity, empathy, and resilience. Our curriculum integrates character education to instill fundamental values. With a commitment to excellence, we provide a high-quality education that cultivates kindness, competence, and ethical behavior.

Join us on this transformative journey where inquiry, character, and excellence shape a brighter future. BPS is dedicated to fostering intellectual growth, ensuring academic success, and preparing responsible global citizens in an environment of respect, responsibility, creativity, and collaboration.

PHONE: 6600 0088

ADDRESS: Building 101 Avenue 14 الحد, 109


#7: French International School of Bahrain

French International School of Bahrain of Bahrain fosters student growth, encouraging responsibility and independence both in and out of the classroom. Enrollment at LFIB Lycée Français International de Bahreïn entails adherence to rules and staff projects, involving full commitment from students and parents. 

As a member of the French Secular Mission, the school welcomes French children, facilitates language and cultural integration, and serves young Bahrainis and other nationalities interested in the French curriculum.

From Petite Section to Terminal, the high school, approved by the French Ministry of National Education, offers international French programs, emphasizing multilingualism and cultural exchange.

PHONE: 1732 3770

ADDRESS: Busaiteen PO Box 24 447. Muharraq Bahrein


#8: Al Raja School

At Al Raja School, our mission is to empower students to become responsible global citizens, embracing diversity and striving for excellence. We foster holistic development, nurturing academic, intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth in every student, irrespective of background.

Our curriculum emphasizes literacy, numeracy, critical thinking, and creativity, preparing students to contribute meaningfully to society. We believe in the importance of strong communities, and teaching values of respect, integrity, and equality.

Through modeling and practice, we instill the importance of collaboration and service, laying the foundation for building strong, inclusive communities. At Al Raja, excellence, creativity, integrity, respect, and equality are not just values but the cornerstone of our educational philosophy.

PHONE: 1725 4414

ADDRESS: Building 1940 Road 639 Block 306، 306


#9: New Horizon School

In its 20+ years journey, New Horizon School (NHS) has flourished into a leading educational institution in Bahrain, blending growth, innovation, and resilience. Founded in 2000, NHS prioritizes values like honesty and kindness, shaping well-rounded individuals.

The synergy among students, teachers, parents, and the school fosters a supportive environment crucial for student development. NHS acknowledges the vital role of parents through its Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), actively engaging them in school affairs since 2006.

The dynamic PTA, comprising dedicated parents and teachers, offers additional coaching and fosters leadership skills. NHS’s Guinness World Record achievement in 2012 reflects the collaborative spirit and excellence within the NHS community. Join us in nurturing holistic growth and academic excellence!

PHONE: 1726 2139

ADDRESS: Road no 28, Manama


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#10: The Eastern School (AlSharqiya School)

At The Eastern School, we uphold the values of Respect, Responsibility, and Resourcefulness, fostering both educational and social development. Our commitment lies in nurturing each child’s uniqueness within a secure and stimulating environment that promotes holistic growth.

We believe in facilitating learning through self-discovery, relevance, and collaboration, encouraging free expression and continuous learning. Our competent faculty empowers learners to become compassionate individuals with active minds and the courage to act on their beliefs.

With a co-educational approach and modern facilities, we strive for excellence in all aspects, emphasizing values, inquiry, and character development. Join us to unlock your child’s potential and shape a brighter future together.

PHONE: 17369009



#11: Talent International School / Infant School (Manama Branch)

Welcome to our daycare center, where your little ones receive nurturing care from our attentive staff. Our secure environment fosters learning and fun for toddlers aged 3 months to 2 years, promoting growth and development together.

Managed by a teacher and assistants, our daycare ensures guided activities and behaviors, with daily nap times of 20 minutes. Transitioning from home to school, our Foundation Stage – including Pre-Nursery, Nursery, and KG1 – cultivates essential learning habits and skills. In KG2, students delve into elementary subjects.

Our curriculum emphasizes listening, speaking, concentration, literacy, numeracy, and collaboration through programs like ‘Jolly Phonics.’ With a vision to be a leading English curriculum provider in Bahrain, we strive to create a warm, family-like environment where students thrive as confident, global citizens.

As an inclusive institution, we cherish diversity and embrace a motto of “Teach. Make a Difference” to enact positive change through education.

PHONE: 1725 2346

ADDRESS: Rd No 5641, Salihiya


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#12: Al Fateh English Preschool

Discover our award-winning British Curriculum at our Preschool and Nursery, fostering holistic child development. Our curriculum, covering seven learning areas, prioritizes fun and stimulating learning through play sensory activities.

With a dedicated team of British teachers, constantly updated in modern academic styles, we ensure a quality British education. Our bilingual program promotes fluency in both Arabic and English. Engage in Pre-School Sports every Wednesday, promoting an active lifestyle. Nutrition is key to healthy development, reflected in our daily nutritious meals.

Multimedia and music classes further enrich learning experiences, with computer activities enhancing phonics and math skills, while music fosters healthy brain development. Join us for an educational journey filled with excitement and growth!

PHONE: 3360 6612

ADDRESS: Villa 675 Road 3313 Block 333 Manama, 1234


#13: New Millennium School

NMS-DPS Bahrain, part of the esteemed Delhi Public School Society and affiliated with CBSE, is dedicated to shaping future leaders through holistic development. With around 1746 students, it encompasses Junior, Middle, and Senior Wings, providing a spectrum of activities alongside academics. From basketball and football fields to activity clubs like Public Speaking and Dramatics, students thrive in diverse arenas.

DPSS, known for its progressive approach, fosters distinction and diversity, linking state, national, and international educational realms. Since its inception in 1949, DPSS has burgeoned into a global educational force, promoting quality education embodied in its motto ‘Service Before Self’.

With a network spanning India and abroad, including Bahrain, DPSS continues its legacy of excellence through visionary leadership, dedicated faculty, and unwavering commitment to quality education.

PHONE: 1727 2700

ADDRESS: Building -399 Road 3009, Manama


#14: Al Majd Private School

Nestled in the bustling Bilad Al Qadeem neighborhood of Bahrain, Al Majd Private School has been a beacon of educational excellence since its inception in September 2004. Founded by the visionary Ms. Naima Al Mahdi, the school began with just 60 students.

Over the years, it has seen remarkable growth, introducing the middle school section in 2005-06 and expanding with the Sunflower House in 2009, now educating around 500 students across two campuses. Al Majd remains dedicated to its mission, providing a nurturing environment and equipping students with academic prowess and modern life skills.

With top-notch facilities like furnished classrooms, science labs, a computer lab, and a library, the school ensures students have all they need for success. Guided by dedicated coordinators and senior teachers, Al Majd continues its journey of holistic education, preparing students for the dynamic world ahead.

PHONE: 1727 2715

ADDRESS: Rd No 6315, Manama


Tips: How to Choose Best Schools in Manama Bahrain

  • Research the Curriculum: Investigate the curriculum offered by different schools in Manama, Bahrain, ensuring it aligns with your child’s needs and future goals.
  • Consider Location: Factor in the school’s proximity to your home or workplace for convenience and ease of commuting.
  • Explore Facilities: Look into the facilities provided by each school, such as libraries, sports amenities, and extracurricular offerings, to enrich your child’s learning experience.
  • Assess Reputation: Check reviews and testimonials from current and past students or parents to gauge the school’s reputation and academic performance.
  • Visit the Campus: Schedule a visit to potential schools to get a feel for the environment, meet faculty and staff, and observe classroom dynamics firsthand.

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